What is free stuff?

Free is a word that is commonly misused. To some people, it means getting something for absolutely no money. For others, free is something to be skeptical of because there may be perceived, or real, hidden costs associated with the “Free” item.

It is easy to see where skepticism comes from. In the business world, free is not always used in its most popular connotation of being completely free of cost. In fact, honestly, there is some blame that lies with marketers who have, over the years, made false claims of giving away freebies just to lure people in to buy something else.

There should be no caveats with freebies. Why call it free if it really isn’t? In defense of those giving away freebies, samples offered are genuinely just that. Most people who visit sites to get free items hope that they receive them, but this does not always happen. Sometimes a sample is requested and it never arrives.

No wonder some people get so angry. They feel like they have been fooled and that they have had their time wasted. After all, they took several minutes to fill out a lengthy form, they gave away their personal information and for nothing. We understand this sentiment.

This is why we are writing this three-part guide to help clear the freebie air. In this first part, we will take a detailed look at how sites providing free stuff that work. We will bust many myths and clear up some misunderstandings so that you can make better use of your time spent with us.

Let’s get straight into what exactly constitutes a freebie site and how that site comes together. What are freebie sites and how do they work?

Freebie sites” like AllFreeStuff and the one you are on now are directory listings of free products which other companies  have put up for the taking. We do not provide the products. We simply give visitors the information they need to claim manufacturers’ sample offerings. We tell you what information you need to supply and how to place an order for the freebie or the sample at hand.

You may have noticed that when you click on a link to a sample on any of our web pages that you are taken from this website to another one. This is the website for the company that is offering the sample. If you decide to go ahead and request the freebie, your request is between you and that company. We are, effectively, just the third party in the matter.

Think of us as the messenger that finds companies that are offering freebies and that lets you know where they are and what they have to offer. We do our best to find out if the offer is legitimate or not. We also present the offers to you in a way that is easily understood and well organized. We make sure all the fine print is spelled out for your convenience in understanding all the terms of the offer.

The catch in the system is being able to get the sample once you place the offer. This brings us to the next part of the guide.

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