Want to Read for Free-15 Ways to do so

I love to do read. Every time I read one it takes me into a whole new world. I learn new ideas; new concepts and I get a new perspective on things. That said, I also know that once I read a book it is highly unlikely that I will be reading it again. Even though that doesn’t stop me from buying new books but it makes me wish that how wonderful it will be if somehow I find a way to read unlimited free books without even spending a penny.

If your wish is same as mine then good news! I have found 10 ways by which you and I both can read virtually unlimited books and we don’t have to spend a single dollar. Want to find out how? Just keep reading.

  1. amazon.com
    amazon.com is considered the largest online retailer. Whether you want to buy a smartphone or a weird star-wars themed Sippy cup for men, you will find it there. Amazon also offers a large collection of books, while for many of them you have to pay there is still a great collection of free books. They are mostly classics like Oliver Twist, Romeo Juliet and others. So if you are into classics then you are in Heaven right now.
  2. Barnes & Noble
    If you are the proud owner of a NOOK then good news for you or maybe you already know in that case you are one lucky individual. Anyway, Barnes & Noble offers thousand of free eBooks which can be easily downloaded on a NOOK. So, what are you waiting for go and get yourself a NOOK.
  3. Google
    As with every other thing, if you have to find something you Google it. Whether it is a dog wearing a pink tutu riding a unicycle or just a coffee spot near your house, you can find it on Google. Same is the case with free eBooks and even though Google doesn’t provide free eBooks you can still use the search engine to find websites which do offer free eBooks.
  4. Kobo
    If you are in need of a easy to use and navigate website then Kobo is the place for you. They have more than one million free books so there is a great chance of you finding the book you are looking for.
  5. Project Gutenberg
    Don’t you just hate it when you are about to download something and they ask you to make an account with them otherwise you won’t be able to continue with your download. Project Gutenberg is place that has tens of thousands of free eBooks and doesn’t require you to make an account or have an e-reader to view their site.
  6. net
    They should be given an award just for naming the website so honestly. As the name suggests they do have many books, about 30,000 of them. They are free and available in many different formats as to be compatible with your reading devices.
  7. com
    As the name suggests they have free books, thousands of them. They are available in different file formats and also in simple text files so you can read on any device in any way you like.
  8. eBookMall
    eBookMall also offers thousands of free eBooks so you should easily find any book that you might be looking for. Another plus point of this website is that they also publish books of new books. So if you are an aspiring writer this is the place to be.
  9. Free-eBooks.net
    Free-eBooks offers thousands and thousands of free books. If you have any experience in searching for free eBooks you know that it is almost next to impossible to get a text book but Free-eBooks offers just that. Not only can you download thousands of books on fiction and non-fiction you can also download free text books. It is a great place if someone wants to save money on their text books bill.
  10. com
    Do you like audiobooks more than just books or ebooks than this is the website for you. BooksShouldBeFree.com offers a wide range of eBooks and audiobooks. So there is no excuse left for not reading


Happy Reading! Cheers!

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