Places you could find free stuff

This whole article is based upon out of the box thinking. Whether you are willing or not to dive in the places we are about to mention but you wouldn’t be able to deny the fact of finding stuff for free in all such places.

The dumpster

The legal health of looking for free stuff in a dumpster cannot be guaranteed. But finding free stuff can be and it is advised to carry out the mission at night time and be totally prepared to face sludge and trash of all sorts. It is also good idea to find out well off class areas and the day dumpster truck come to pick up the trash.

The Auction

When the auction is over the leftover items are then sold at minimal prices packed with other stuff in a single box. When you catch someone buying such stock you may ask for the stuff in the stock that they don’t want.


Go with a bunch of friends (preferably wealthy) so when they’ll be playing chances are high they’ll lend you money. Make a clear point prior taking any money from them that you’ll be unable to return their money unless of course you win.

Tie the knot

Make sure you show off properly at restaurants and hotel as just married couple. Chances are high you’ll score free dinner or small present and stuff. Friends are family are a whole separate story of presents that’ll be brought to you by.

Have birthdays

This one is a no brainer; everyone gets presents (hence free stuff) at their birthdays.

Use metal detector

Use it at night in parks especially around the rides, where chances for people to drop cash and valuables are high.

Scrap metal

Copper aluminum as well as paper, collecting can be valuable. Just look in the recycle section of phone directory and ask for info as to where to drop off the scrap and how to get paid.

Enter a contest

Or two or three or more. The more contests you find to enter the higher will be your chances to win free stuff.

Listen to the radio

There are usually many small but live contests going on at the station so get their number and be attentive and ready.

Credit card points

The bonus points that you earn upon buying on credit card, the rewards are often good but you need to be careful with the payments. Piled up due payments may cause debt issues in the long run.

Free samples at the store

Food samples are usually offered around a certain time like close to lunch or dinner time. You can ask the employees there about the timing and days too.

Gather from around the lost fishing hooks and golf and other sports balls

Visit all the popular fishing points when the tide is low and you’ll find quite a number of lost fishing hooks. These have potential to yield cash upon re-selling. Likewise lost golf balls can be found nearby the golf course and if you can, try the ditches and you’ll score balls for sure.




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