My Freebie Win

A couple of years ago, I went to the Love Natural Organic show that was organized in London. It was a weekend expo for natural organic cosmetics and food products. I had a great experience with the show and I got to enjoy so many free organic drinks and food samples that I haven’t missed the yearly event ever since. Tickets for the show are free and you can make as many reservations as you want. I was swimming through the crowd towards whatever freebie sample stall would attract me the most. I experienced a lot of drinks and foods that I haven’t before. I got to enjoy a variety of beers, organic chocolates, cakes, yogurts, and so many other deserts. Had a great hand massage, tried some samples of organic oils, creams, scents and perfumes. Besides the things that I tried during the show, I picked up a lot of free samples on my way back. I made sure that I had really enjoyed all the free food samples with each one repetitive trips to the stalls that offered them.

Spending great time at the LNLO show doesn’t costs you any money at all but if you’re looking for a specific organic brand product then you can easily find them at showcase prices there. If you’re looking forward to a similar experience then make sure that you book your and your accomplices’ tickets for the next year’s show. So far the tickets have been free so it is very likely that the tradition will continue. You can actually make a fun game out of the freebie samples that are offered at the various stalls, see which one of your friends wins the most.

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