Baby Shopping – Economized

Baby Shopping – EconomizedThe average expenditure made by women these days during pregnancy period, whether for herself or for the baby to come is approximated at £1786. We bring to you a few ideas that might help you slash the costs into half over the period of 40 weeks.

Get the most out of your maternity leave

You will be eligible to receive your full salary for a certain period (depending upon your employer; weeks or months) while you are on your maternity leave. Then Statutory Maternity Pay will be your status where you get 90% of your average money you make per week for the early six weeks. If you are a freelancer you will be fit for receiving Maternity Allowance. Check further details on so you might be properly informed of the benefits you qualify for.

For the saving part; shorten the list of every day expenses to just one item like some refreshment or take away and over the week chances are high you’ll save £5.

Multiply 5 by 40 that equal £200 that you saved.

Join a giveaway club

There are plenty of such clubs that exclusively offer maternity and baby products for free or offer discount coupons for several products. They may annoy you by sending bundles of spam mails but you can either check and reset settings so you may receive a mail a week or that is not available you can create another account just for the spam mail.

Upon joining such clubs you are also sent free gifts while sale events are organized by chain stores and getting their membership will keep you updated with such discount events. You can save up to 50% on baby products. During pregnancy period joining every discount club will save you at least £25 each month that multiplied by 9 months you save £225 over the pregnancy span.

Check out NHS

You can get free prescriptions, save £40 on dental checkups, not only while you are pregnant but the benefit stretches over the next twelve months of birth.

The antenatal classes you pay at least £110 for, will be available to you free of cost at your nearby hospital. Check out for getting an update on criteria you are eligible to receive free voucher for. £110+£40=£150 saved.

Baby wardrobe-keep it slim

The early months baby growth is a lot faster and so buying huge pile of new born clothes will lead to wastage as many outfits will remain untouched while your little one will grow out of them.  On average £326 is the amount a mum spends on baby wardrobe and you can slash it to half by either getting second hand clothes which are many times as good as new or buy them from superstores where prices on baby clothes are most economized.

£326/2=£163 that you’ll save.

Maternity wardrobe-keep it slim too

While on average women spend £478 on their maternity wardrobe you can get the set of essentials for £120 from a supermarket or from a second hand maternity clothes sale. So take that amount out and you save £358 on your maternity wardrobe too.

Add up all the above savings;

200+225+150+163+358=1096 is what you get in your saving account over a period of nine months.

You can also check out All Free Stuff for free baby samples.


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