About Us

Who Is Home & Garden Freebies?

Home & Garden Freebies (found at homeandgardenfreebies.co.uk) is a directory where you can find various free items online. We look over various submissions from our users and then include them in a handy searchable directory for your convenience. We even have a newsletter complete with free prizes for subscribers!

What Exactly Is A “Freebie”?

A freebie is an item without any required monetary expense. Freebies are generally released for promotional means. By making people aware of a product and allowing them to try it, advertisers and marketers are able to create returning customers for that product.

In your lifetime, you’ve likely come across a wide number of freebies. Common items include keychains, stickers, and pens with the names of businesses, banks, hospitals, and broadcasting stations. Grocers also often hand out samples of hot new items they’re hoping to promote. As a consumer, you can easily take advantage of these opportunities and possibly even try useful products without having to spend a single coin.

Is There A Catch?

Whenever the word “free” is tossed around, it’s normal to worry that there may be a catch. We work hard to keep only the most trustworthy offers available in our database however. Every link is fully verified beforehand for its reputation and quality. Anything you check out thanks to Home & Garden Freebies will have absolutely no strings attached.

It doesn’t end there however! Beyond our initial assessment, we also give our users the ability to vote on the offers currently available. Anything that’s expired or illegitimate after the initial check can also be flagged. If it’s made clear that an offer isn’t worth your time, we’ll take it down immediately. Rest assured, any link that you see on our database should be able to link you to a legitimate offer for a high quality freebie that you’re sure to enjoy.