Getting Freebies

How Do You Get Home and Garden Freebies

We have new samples to post on the site every day. The newest deals are always highlighted on our main page, but you can also find them by searching categories like Beauty, Baby and more.

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What Is the Catch? Are Freebies Real?

There is no catch and yes, freebies are real. There are many brand names that offer freebies as a way to get customers like you to try new products. Yo Free Samples gets these offers from everywhere. We put them on our website so that consumers like you have one easy place to find them. Take a look at some of the actual samples visitors to the Home and Garden section have gotten.

We place ads from legitimate companies that offer freebies through Google’s Ad Network. We have gotten some great samples from there and hope you enjoy them!

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Most of the time, all you need is to enter your mailing address. There are times where you need to submit an email or information like age, income, and gender. You never have to enter anything you are not comfortable with but keep in mind some offers are dependent on you providing this information.

But companies want this information so they can put you on a mailing or email list. That means you’ll be sent new offers and samples in the future. If you’re not interested, it’s easy to toss out anything they send you in the mail. For emails, just look for the “unsubscribe” link that’s required on these types of emails if you don’t want to receive them anymore.

Some of the offers are discounts on products or services that are given free in exchange for something like signing up for an account on a website or subscribing to a magazine. It really is a great way to get introduced to a service you might enjoy all while getting a freebie.

Are There Scam Websites for Freebies?

Unfortunately, sometimes there are. However, our free offers, samples, and deals are the real thing. What we do suggest is that you never take a freebie that asks you to download anything to your computer. If something does not look right to you, just leave the page!

We offer many posts about how to use a website to get freebies. Take a look at the post about Home and Garden Freebies. We answered questions about who makes the lists of top freebie sites and why ours shows up often in the best freebie site lists. We are among the Top Ten on LifeHack. Check it out!

You Ordered Your Freebie, What Can You Expect?

Expect to get your product sample within a few weeks. Some offers take up to eight weeks to arrive so be patient. Many companies will first verify that you have only requested one sample before sending an item out. It could also be that you do not get a freebie if a company has run out of the item. Don’t worry as there are many more offers to try!

We love finding you peeps freebies and sharing them with you, but there are a few sites that inspired us to start this site. My favouraite freebie sites include: – One of the first UK freebie sites, they update their site daily with top UK freebies, they also have lots of competitions. – This site is just as good as Magic but often behind when it comes to providing free stuff, so the success rate of getting a free sample is often minimal. – This is a fantastic site, they update their site 7 days a week with lots of new freebies, competitions and more.